Gardener Cardiff

If you’re looking for a Cardiff gardener, you’ve come to the right place. Paul and Son is a family-owned gardening and landscaping business that has been successfully providing a range of gardening services in Cardiff and South Wales since 2011.

Paul and Son is the business of husband and wife, Paul and Gemma Luce. Paul has a long history of horticultural work with large local companies, before going it alone with Gemma, whose own passion for gardening was passed down to her from her great grandmother via her mother.

Paul and Gemma have decades of experience as gardeners, and Paul and Son has a fantastic local reputation, as you’ll see from our testimonials page. We’re proud of what we do and provide the best quality services at great value prices. And we’re fully insured for that extra piece of mind.

We work with domestic and commercial clients of all sizes and doing all sorts of gardening, landscaping and exterior work. We can provide contract gardening services and regular garden maintenance programmes, work on one-off projects, or design and create a garden from scratch.

Every gardener knows the value of keeping on top of their plot. Our regular visits will involve lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, trimming and tidying to keep your garden looking its best.

If it’s just tree management or hedge trimming that you need, we handle this too, including tree surgery and pollarding to keep your trees and shrubs at a manageable size.

If you need a gardener to rescue a plot that has got out of hand, is too much for you, or has come into your hands in poor condition, Paul and Son can mount a garden rescue mission for you.

We can also design a garden for you and then bring it to life. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of plants and experience with hard landscaping, patios and paving, fencing and outside woodwork, Paul and Son can produce a garden that will meet your needs and be a place to enjoy for years to come. A welcoming green space is an important feature of many businesses these days, while a badly managed or unimaginative patch of scrub around your premises sends all the wrong messages to clients.

We build bespoke fencing and can install all sorts of garden structures, from sheds to compost heaps. Paul makes feather edge fences, which provide a beautiful looking finish with a flat, clean wooden surface. We’ll bring the eye of a gardener to the project, so your fencing works with your garden and with your planting.

We can also finish and paint your exterior woodwork for you.

Paul’s experience on major gardening contracts means that he brings hard landscaping skills to Paul and Son’s services, something not every gardener can handle. We can lay patios and paving using the very best materials, including natural stone paving and locally sourced materials that will work with your existing paving and your home. We’ll design and build exterior structures and features.

Stonework and paving maintenance is another service. A jet wash and clean up can bring a new lease of life to your exterior stone and brick spaces.

Most gardeners build their plot around a lawn. Paul and Son will produce a perfect sward of green grass, laid from turf, for you. Lawn mowing is a part of our garden maintenance services.

We’re a small, friendly business, providing the very best quality of work with a passion whatever the size of your plot or your project. We’re also excellent value, whether for continuing work or one-off projects.

If you need a gardener in Cardiff or South Wales then get in touch now.