Patios, paving, walls and hard landscaping

garden-walls-sheds-cardiff_0004At Paul and Son we can lay patios and garden paving, and carry out most outdoor building work and hard landscaping in Cardiff and South Wales.

A patio is a wonderful way to bring another dimension to your garden, really turning it into an outdoor room that you can use for relaxing, entertaining and dining. It’s a great stage for feature plants, attractive lighting or a barbecue. Paved paths can be an attractive addition to your garden. They also improve access in all weathers.

Patios are low maintenance, and they’re a great gardening space too, giving you a stage for container planting and plants that enjoy extra heat and light or dry conditoins. With a patio, unlike decking, you can plant around and right up to the edge of the paving.

Patios provide a permanent new space in your garden and will almost certainly add to the value of your house.

There’s a good choice of materials for your patio or paving; we’ll need to consider your budget and the final look you want to achieve. We work with all sorts of paving, including natural stone, gravels and aggregates. We enjoy using local materials where possible, they will fit well with the look of your house.

If you’ve got a old patio that needs some love and care, we can relay, repair and repoint it. We also offer jetwashing, which will really bring shabby stonework back to life.

We also handle outdoor building projects, including walls and other garden structures and features. Walls are a great garden design tool: they can be a backdrop and support for plants, and with the right materials can be an attractive, decorative garden feature in their own right. A good choice of materials and clever planting can make a wall stand out or fade away into the greenery.

Hard landscaping like this helps to bring form to your garden. If you’d like help with designing something – paths, water features, children’s play areas – we’re happy to help.

Paul and Son has years of experience working on hard landscaping work for both domestic and commercial clients. If you’ve got a project you’d like to get going then give us a call and we can discuss your options with you.