Tree Surgery, Felling and Management

hedge-trimming-cardiff_0000Paul and Son can provide tree surgery, tree felling, and tree maintenance services in Cardiff and South Wales. We also trim hedges and prune, trim and manage shrubs. Our tree maintenance services include pollarding, which helps keeps trees to a manageable size.

There’s a popular Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

Trees certainly bring something special to gardens and commercial grounds. By planting a tree, you’re  doing something for the environment and something for the future.

They need care though. Because of their size and power, trees have the potential to cause a lot of trouble, particularly if they’re put in the wrong place.

When we design and plant gardens, we’re very careful to plan ahead with trees so that a small sapling doesn’t become a big nuisance in years to come. Trees can cause disputes with neighbours over boundaries and light, they can become dangerous, and even damage the foundations of your home.

Tree management is one of the many garden maintenance services we offer at Paul and Son, either as a one off or as part of an ongoing gardening service.

We can fell trees that you no longer need in your garden. We trim and prune trees, whether for safety reasons, or for the look or health of the tree. Pollarding is a way of reducing a tree in size – many road-side trees are pollarded – so that it can grow on healthily and safely, and we offer this service too.

tree-surgeons-cardiff_0023Some trees need good maintenance to remain healthy. To produce at their best, fruit trees need to be pruned, and can be cut and tied to grow attractively in any number of shapes – horizontal espaliers for example, fan shapes, or trained up walls – that will suit the size and shape of your garden.

We’re planting experts, and happy to include trees in our new garden and garden design services, finding the right tree to fit safely in the space you have available.

Hedges and many larger garden plants also need regular trimming and pruning to stay healthy, attractive and useful. We can give them a simple haircut or put some topiary art in your garden.

We are full insured and all our work is carried out safely and responsibly.

If you’d like to discuss one-off or ongoing tree maintenance, felling, trimming or planting, please just give us a call.